Idle Supernatural School-Idle Supernatural School v2.0.2 MOD APK (Free Rewards)

Idle Supernatural School-Idle Supernatural School v2.0.2 MOD APK (Free Rewards) title=

Idle Supernatural School


Idle Supernatural School is a mobile idle game developed by Longames that focuses on the supernatural. Those who want to be superheroes will attend your academy, and you’ll establish teaching facilities for mortals, each specializing in a distinct skill set.

Power Stones can be obtained by achieving in-game objectives such as fighting mutant monsters outside school or assignments in the virtual combat cabin. Power stones can be used to acquire premium improvements such as a superpower collection, gene tin, and gym equipment. Set your power stones aside for later. You must first earn Build Points to access additional missions, chapters, and maps. In the first chapter, which corresponds to the Mirkwood map, a maximum of 2500 construction points are available. In the following chapter/Peaceful map’s Wilderness section, you’ll need those points to build trees. Chapter 3 requires a minimum of 5000 CP (Frozen Mausoleum). The Silent Polar has 7.5K BPs, while the Space Station has 10K BPs. Future updates may contain new maps.

You can open up or develop new branches on these planets with enough construction points. Despite having enough riches in the vault, some players have reported being unable to progress to the following chapter or area. If this happens to you, please get in touch with the developer. They desire to be Superman; your students are Mortals. Participants will pay a registration fee, then undergo genetic modification to activate a superpower before reporting to the training sites (training rooms). Every chapter has classrooms and classes offered. To access administrative operations, click the “book/pencil” icon placed above the gem of power. Select the building tab on the college management screen to see all the buildings in the current chapter or on the map. You earn money from the Mortals when they enroll in classes, buy supplies, dine in the cafeteria, or unwind in the lounge.


Even when you are not connected to the internet, your school may continue to function automatically, earn income even when you are not, and grow into the most prestigious supernatural institution in the world.Excellent animations and high-quality 3D images allow you to simulate real-world environments for the practice of supernatural abilities.packed with a wide variety of business simulation tasks.There are a variety of classes, instructors, unknown tools, and development plans to choose from.Discover significant management choices for the magical school, and earn various incentives and accomplishments along the way!